Basics Asylum And Firelink

Episode 1: Basics, Undead Asylum, and Firelink Shrine

Original Airdate: January 13, 2013
Guest: None
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Official Episode Teaser

Welcome to Lordran. There's some stuff you should know.

This is it, the first episode of a podcast dedicated entirely to Dark Souls, and other Souls games. We encourage you to play along, and this will be a great starting point for Dark Souls
veterans and newcomers along. We discuss the history of the game, the basic tennets of survival, and take you on a tour through the Undead Asylum and Firelink Shrine.


  • (0:00:00) Gary and Kole introduce the show and talk about it's format.
  • (0:03:55) Discussion of the history of Dark Souls.
  • (0:07:30) Intro cutscene summarized. Lore discussion.
  • (0:09:00) Dark Souls Skateboarding.
  • (0:16:15) Early Bloodborne Lore speculation?
  • (0:16:30) Basic gameplay discussion.
  • (0:23:10) The Ten Commandments of Dark Souls.
  • (0:34:00) Character creation/build chat.
  • (0:39:40) The Pendant.
  • (0:40:09) Gary and Kole begin discussion of the tutorial area, The Undead Asylum.
  • (0:41:16) Area Thesis: This is going to hurt.
  • (0:42:00) Undead Asylum lore.
  • (0:45:35) BOSS FIGHT - Asylum Demon
  • (0:51:24) BOSS FIGHT - Asylum Demon Rematch
  • (0:56:35) Firelink Shrine discussion begins.
  • (0:57:08) Area Thesis: Everything is connected.
  • (0:58:45) Firelink music is compared to the Resident Evil save room music. Litigation is imminent.
  • (1:03:34) Graveyard/Skeleton Party.
  • (1:04:52) Gary and Kole discuss the idea of making "Suicide runs."
  • (1:05:42) New Londo ruins/Blighttown shortcut.
  • (1:06:04) Anastasia of Astora/Firekeeper/Bonfire discussion.
  • (1:07:10) Kole and Gary argue about the mechanics of Bonfires with Firekeepers nearby.
  • (1:08:36) Way of the White Covenant.
  • (1:10:50) PVP talk.
  • (1:11:40) Risks and benefits to being in Human form.
  • (1:15:25) To the aqueduct.
  • (1:18:10) Episode wrap up/contest give-aways/network shilling.

Episode Sign off

Gary: Praise the Sun!
Kole: Praise the Sun!

Show Notes

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