Brayton Cameron

Co-Host of The Pitch, Teenage Dirtbags, and occasional guest on several other shows. Is handsome, but not as handsome as Nick Glauber.

Guest Appearances

Show Episode First Posted
Bonfireside Chat 9. Darkroot Basin and the New Londo Ruins May 5, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 9a. Darkroot Basin and the New Londo Ruins - Appendix May 13, 2013
Pilot Season 1. No Bones About It Aug 26, 2013
Pilot Season 10. Jam it, or Fing it Dec 30, 2013
Abject Suffering 30. Cool World Feb 17, 2014
Watch Out For Fireballs 67. Battle at Antares Feb 20, 2014
Duckfeed Live 1. Avoiding Dr. Bong Jun 20, 2014
Check It Out Comrade 29. The Marvelous Miss Take and Elegy for a Dead World Jan 3, 2015
Duckfeed Live 7. Sir Edgwin and the Tooth Monstrosity Jan 31, 2015
Check It Out Comrade 42. Towerfall Ascension and Duck Game July 18, 2015
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