Bubsy II

Created by Accolade, played on SNES

Abject Suffering Episode 17 (8/15/2013)

Recommended by Michael Henderson


Gary shows Kole a copy of Sorry he found at a garage sale. Gary repeatedly hits the Pop-O-Matic, making Kole find Pop-O-Matic sounds to dub in. It is a special Pop-O-Matic that says Bubsy II.

Kole: Fuck! Although the fuck is really for me trying to find a Pop-O-Matic sound.


Kole calls Gary a son of a bitch. Gary compares the pun subtitles in Bubsy games to the Pitch. They call the game objectionable in every way. This game is only on Abject Suffering by virtue of no one suggesting Aero the Acro-Bat; this gets a bell. Gary played a lot of Aero the Acro-Bat, which at least has something to it. Bubsy II is one of the ugliest games they've ever played, it is compared to a scratch-and-dent warehouse of character design and Mexican cereal designs. Bubsy as he appears on the title screen is making a come finger me stare (making Gary and Kole "rock hard") and looks like Jim Breuer. Kole complains about Sirius XM and Jim Breuer. Gary is bothered by Jim Breuer's eyes. The game is full of ill-conceived ideas pulling it in a thousand directions making it unplayable. Bubsy II made Gary motion sick. The jump controls in Bubsy II are terrible. Kole talks about Commander Keen, a good platformer in its day.

Gary brings up Accolade, which made a bunch of shit, but also the Star Control series. Kole and Gary discuss why these games were made from a business perspective. They talk about the Nerf product placement in Bubsy II. Gary and Kole attempt to discuss the levels and plot of Bubsy II. The confusing menus are discussed.

Gary sends Kole a picture of someone's Bubsy collection, including a Bubsy plush. Gary wonders if the Bubsy game on Jaguar is better [editor's note: it is not]. Gary is surprised that Kole has played a Turbo Grafix-16, that was possibly just hooked up in an alley somewhere. The lowest GameFAQs review for this is a 7/10, for some reason. Gary reads a description of the Bubsy II story on a GameFAQs review. Kole goes to Deviantart. There are pictures of an amateur model. There is also a picture of Bubsy as a Tiny Toon; Gary has trouble identifying Buster Bunny. Gary's problem with Deviantart is that everyone gets support no matter how terrible. Kole is rightfully angry about lazy Lion King crossovers. Gary and Kole discuss art styles and bemoan people who never develop a style beyond aping Disney. Kole owned a how to draw manga book (when he was in middle school). Both hosts owned the classic How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Gary talks about the VHS tape based on that book; they begin to watch it on Youtube. They reiterate that Bubsy II is trash that belongs in the trash can. Gary unfavorably compares the humor in Bubsy to Animaniacs; arguing that children in 1994 would have more sophisticated taste than the newspaper comic-level shit in Bubsy. Dynamite Headdy is touted as a good game with a similar premise to Bubsy II. Gary talks about the nature of hypocrisy.

Gary tells everyone, including Michael Henderson, to go fuck themselves.


Gary: Until next time
Both: NNNNYEAUUGH (attempt at Bubsy noises)

Other bad games referenced

Where's Waldo
Aero the Acro-Bat
Captain Skyhawk

Inside Jokes

Bell - Aero the Acro-Bat earns a bell from Kole.
GameFAQs - Gary briefly reads a GameFAQs review.

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