Castlevania Extrasode

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross talk about the 2015 Portland Retro Games Expo 2015 and read your responses to Castlevania.

The Castlevania Extrasode aired on November 25th, 2015


(0:00-0:42) Gary does a quick opening thanking everyone for helping out during Duckstream!

(0:43-29:35) Gary and Kole talk about how great it was to be able to acquire the audio straight from the soundboard from Portland Retro Game Expo. They go one to talk about their experience at PRGE and how its a great way to feel how the network has grown over the years, in terms of fanbase. Gary talks about how 20 or so young children own "Down With the Crickness" buttons and how funny it is. Gary mentions how great t would be to have to explain how Michael Crick and Josh Groban are jokes on the Network and he'd love to do this before he died. Gary talks about meeting the hosts of Retronauts. They talk about how its pretty cool to have people compliment the fact they tend to talk politics on the show. They also talk about all the things they saw and did at PRGE, like Joust Pinball. Gary talks about how his big takeaway is of the kindness and creativity of the attenders and attendees at PRGE. They go on to talk about the things they bought/wanted to buy, but couldn't. Gary teases making a new Check it Out, Comrade! theme song with the NES Maestro he bought.

(29:36-39:50) This is where all the responses are (detailed below.) There are 9 responses, 3 from the Contact page on the website. The rest are audio responses from PRGE.

(39:51-49:58) Some admin stuff and more thanks. They start playing the audio from the crowd responses from PRGE, interviewed after they attempted to get as far as they could in one life at the WOFF! Booth. This is where the bulk of the music is put in. Between the live responses.


(29:36-30:35) Nick via Contact. He talks about the first Castlevania he played, Symphony of the Night. Gary and Kole talk about the game briefly, mainly about the Inverted Castle "secret".

(30:36-34:14) [I don't understand the name Gary says here. I think its 'Leland'] via Contact. [Leland(?)] talks about bouncing off of the game at first, due to starting the game in an area where there are Medusa heads. but,ends up going back after awhile and loving it. Gary and Kole talk about Leland winning the whip they offered to whomever got the furthest in Castlevania in one life during their PRGE panel and how Kole still gets S&M suggestions on Amazon because of the purchase.

(34:15-39:50) Greg via Contact. He mentions that the game is one of his favorite games of all time, but not his favorite Castlevania game. Mentions how he wrote a letter to Nintendo about why Castlevania was so hard to find. Nintendo replied explaining why. Gary and Kole mentions how the game still holds up. They talk about how marketing has changed over the years.


There are no outtakes for this episode.


Wicked Child
Heart of Fire
Out of Time
Poison Mind
Nothing to Lose
Black Night

Show Notes

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