Must Be Santa

Teenage Dirtbags episode 1 aired on Dec. 25, 2014. It is about the music video Must Be Santa


In the first released episode of the "Longest running show in Podcast history" hosts Brayton Cameron and Gary Butterfield discuss the strange antics of the spritey demon, Bob Dylan, as he bandies about his house of horrors on, presumably, Christmas Eve.


Garody/Braytomage "Must be Gary"
Whatcha drinking? Brayton drinks a Saison, Gary drinks Gevalia brand Coffee
Whatcha googling? What is a Saison? Also, when was Bob Dylan born? Finally, what is the Caganer?
Tell me about that mouth feel Smooth and creamy for the coffee, light effervescence for the Saison.
Pop-up Audio A, presumably, intoxicated woman hits on a Santa statue
Dead at 21 Recap Episode 1 is discussed, names are made fun of, and it is revealed that one requires VHS tapes from ebay to watch the show
Loved it or Hated it Is Bob Dylan a Lovecraft monster? Yes, very much so.

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