Michael Crick

Before Diddy Kong Racing. Before Tetris. Even before Pong, there was Frogmaster and its inventor, Michael Crick.

Michael Crick (along with Cam Crick) is the creator of Dudes With Attitude, the subject of Episode 47 of Abject Suffering. After discussing the game itself, Gary and Kole take a deep dive into the background of its creator, Michael Crick, and specifically his family homepage, There, they discover just how far the rabbit hole goes, starting with the page dedicated to Michael Crick's history with video games at

Crick 2000

We are on the verge of a dark future where the best of men know that their satisfaction can only be guaranteed if they take it into their own hands. But the powers that be are dead set on denying humanity their purpose. Across sweeping fields of sorghum, the grim world of Crick 2000 has become a reality. And we must escape.

Crick 2000 is the name given to the fictional post-apocalyptic universe that Gary and Kole created near the end of Episode 84 of Abject Suffering, Tom and Jerry. Humanity lives inside colonies and harvests sorghum. Lube is carefully controlled and must be rationed out.

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