Dark Souls II First Impressions

Episode 34, Name Dark Souls II First Impressions

Original Airdate: March 14th, 2014
Guest: None
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Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross give their first impressions of Dark Souls II (for which we have all been waiting).


(0:57-4:14) Introductions. Gary and Kole joke about learning the new keywords for Dark Souls II.

(4:15-9:55) Kole starts out talking about his first impressions. He went to the Dark Souls II midnight launch and said he met a lot of cool people at Gamestop, when he expected to see a lot of "dude bros" because of the Titanfall's launch. Going on a couple of tangents, but Gary eventually talks about how he avoided the art book and mentions how the map that came with the special edition of the game was useless. They mention how they played a lot and it was actually fatiguing.

(9:56-17:38) Kole starts talking about how pretty Dark Souls II is and compliments the colors. Kole mentions how Majula pushes a bunch of "Kole buttons", including a "coastal rocky areas surrounded by ruins at twilight." Gary praises the lighting effects. Gary talks about how the game is a much bigger experience than Dark Souls. Kole compares Dark Souls II to the Resident Evil Remake (GameCube).

(17-38-22:36) They start talking about their spoiler policy for this season.

(22:37-28:56) Gary talks about the layout of the show. Gary says the game was exceeding his expectations and Kole says its great. Gary talks about how he hasn't been bored by any of the bosses. Gary talks a small bit about New Game+ in Dark Souls II. Gary talks sugar on the gestures in the game and how he loves them. Kole mentions how the soapstone messages are funny, in how they work.

(28:57-29:18) Sponsor.

(29:28-34:44) End of show admin stuff.

Episode Sign off

Gary: Seek misery, lest this land swallow you whole. Umbasa!
Kole: Seek misery, lest this land swallow you whole. Umbasa!
Name of Guest: N/A

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