Friday The 13th (Hex Crank)

"But here, there's only one real threat… Jason… and you're not the Chosen One, you're a bunch of teenagers"

Friday the 13th is the fourth game covered on Hex Crank. It was published by LJN and developed by Atlus for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. This is where the survival horror really starts to become what it is, even if the game itself isn't that great. Kole mentions he used save states, which probably made him think higher of the game than most people. This is the first Hex Crank post that mentions the "Nemesis", a term used by Kole to describe when a game has one powerful force that follows you and cant be, or is hard to be, stopped. In this instance, its Jason Voorhees, the killer of Camp Crystal Lake from the movies of the same name the game is based on. Kole mentions how he finds the game quite good, while still recognizing it being extremely flawed. He focuses more on the good and what the game does for the survival horror genre, which is what the blog is for, to focus more on why a game succeeds or fails as a horror game, more so than as a game in general. Kole completed this game with save states.

The game was also covered on Abject Suffering. That page can be found here Friday the 13th (Abject Suffering)

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