Jeremy Greer (EC)

Jeremy Greer, known online as EC, ECEC, or NOTECEC depending on where you look, is a prominent member of the Souls PVP community. He is also the proprietor of Dark Souls Haters, a blog dedicated to preserving only the best Souls series hate mail. He can frequently be heard as a guest on Bonfireside Chat, and has an ongoing feud with Gary Butterfield's Cat. He also co-hosts Days of Future Cast with Gary.

Guest Appearances

Show Episode First Posted
Bonfireside Chat S1. Special - Dark Souls PVP 101 May 12, 2013
Bonfireside Chat S3. Special - Dark Souls PVP 201 Jul 21, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 19. Tower of Latria 3-1 Oct 06, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 19a. Tower of Latria 3-1 - Appendix Oct 13, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 47. Drangleic Castle Sep 07, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 47a. Drangleic Castle - Appendix Sep 14, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 69. Chalice Dungeons (Part 1) Jul 12, 2015
Bonfireside Chat 69a. Chalice Dungeons (Part 1) - Appendix Jul 19, 2015

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