Jeremy Greer (EC)

Jeremy Greer, known online as EC, ECEC, or NOTECEC depending on where you look, is a prominent member of the Souls PVP community. He can frequently be heard as a guest on Bonfireside Chat, and has an ongoing feud with Gary Butterfield's Cat. He also co-hosts Days of Future Cast with Gary. Aside from being a guest on BFC, and hosting DOFC, he hosts his own podcasts not on the Duckfeed Network. Dark Insight Podcast, a general video game show. Don't Give Up Skeleton, an interview series where Jeremy finds out why people love Dark Souls and how they got in to it. And Monster of the Week, a podcast chronicling the episodes of the TV show Supernatural. He used to run a Blog on Tumblr called Dark Souls Haters.

Guest Appearances

Show Episode First Posted
Bonfireside Chat S1. Special - Dark Souls PVP 101 May 12, 2013
Bonfireside Chat S3. Special - Dark Souls PVP 201 Jul 21, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 19. Tower of Latria 3-1 Oct 06, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 19a. Tower of Latria 3-1 - Appendix Oct 13, 2013
Duckfeed Live 6. Diabobolo Nov 2, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 47. Drangleic Castle Sep 07, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 47a. Drangleic Castle - Appendix Sep 14, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 69. Chalice Dungeons (Part 1) Jul 12, 2015
Bonfireside Chat 69a. Chalice Dungeons (Part 1) - Appendix Jul 19, 2015
Bonfireside Chat S17. Bottom 10 Areas Aug 25, 2017
Bonfireside Chat 102. Lothric Castle Oct 23, 2017
Bonfireside Chat 102. Lothric Castle - Appendix Oct 30, 2017

Notable Links
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Dark Insight Podcast:
Monster of the Week Podcast:
Jeremy's Twitch Page:
Jeremy's YouTube Page:
Dark Souls Haters Blog:

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