Katamari Damacy Extrasode

The Katamari Damacy Extrasode aired on June 4th, 2015.


This extrasode has six responses. one of which is from Facebook, the others are all from the Contact page on the Duckfeed.tv website. Jackson is the only one where Kole does not mention where the response was from, so I am assuming it was from the Contact page. Every response praises Katamari Damacy for its uniqueness, its budget and its quality. Its a well praised game throughout!

(1:36-25:00) Most of this is listener responses, documented below, but Gary and Kole take a good chunk of time talking about how the gaming industry is never in a true "bad year for games", as the choices of games to play is infinite. They talk a bit about The Level and Gary wonders why hosts Ben Merkel and David Moneysmith like Destiny and why Ben is drawn to open world games.


(1:56-2:19) Jonathan Stark via Facebook. he liked how the game felt indie in a time when the industry focused more on "epic more serious games". He says it reminded him of returning to his childhood days of playing a NES game and that it was a good feeling.

(3:27-4:10) Alex via Contact. Alex talks about how it was a bold move to release a budget title and how Katamari Damacy is one of the first budget titles to actually get universally good reviews. Syas it proves a budget game doesn't have to go in tot he Wal-Mart "Shit bin".

(4:36-7:16) Brent via Contact. He talks about his hard time to find the game on release. About how his local Game Crazy lied about the game being pushed back a month and how a GameStop sold it to him. He talks about how he doesn't know how he even heard about the game.

(9:04-9:51) Shaun via Contact. Talks about how great it was it was a budget title.

(10:22-10:50) Brian via Contact. He talks about how he read that the game was made to be about something other than violence, then goes on to talk about how the game is actually very violent when you think about it.

(11:10-13:21) Jackson via Contact(?). He talks about Super Metroid a bit. And how after it he returned to playing a lot of not-so-great games. Says his girlfriend showed him Katamary Damacy. He mentions how he imported the Katamari CDs and ahs had the songs on rotation for years, now. He does wish that they covered We <3 Katamari over the original, as he sees it as an improved game, in general.


(25:01-26:00) Kole and Gary joke about being overly adult podcast.

(26:01-27:26) Gary talks about trying to learn Unity for a game making class. And talks about how he replaced learning Unity for Adventure game Studios and how he ahd to start his project for school over 2 weeks before it was due.

(27:27-31:31) This is a Just Funnin' section about Gary's teeth. Gary laments dental work and wishes his entire mouth was full of metal teeth. Kole brings in that a lot of times these kinds of issues are because of health reasons and he equates it to mortality. They talk about disliking people who think that health issues are the person's fault. And they talk about how addiction shouldn't be about victimizing them.

(31:27-32:21) Is an alternate version of the WOFF! theme!

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