Mega Man Legends


Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross respectfully disagree about Mega Man Legends.

Watch Out for Fireballs episode 120 is about the PlayStation 1 title Mega Man Legends. It aired on January 28th, 2016.


(0:22-4:19) Kole takes Gary to the basement, where he explains the network bigwigs are breathing down his neck. So, Kole takes Gary to a chamber where he keeps important games and opens the Mega Man Legends container.


(5:15-27:42) Introductions. They cover the basics of what the game is. Mega Man Legends is the first Mega Man covered since the first episode of the show (Mega Man X). They talk about controls, the upgrade system and other general features of the game.

(27:43-36:57) They start talking about the plot. Gary criticizes most things about Mega Man Legends having very little to do with what Mega Man games actually are. They explain the general plot.

(37:05-58:01) They begin talking about the gameplay, here. Starting with the tutorial area. They complain about Roll, who is really annoying. They're glad it chills out on the Roll talk. They talk about losing time due to PS3 Virtual memory card issues. They complain about how collectible drops require you to precisely pick them up. They talk about the loot being a bit arbitrary. Gary mentions how circle strafing was pretty much the only strategy, while Kole disagrees and mentions side arms. Gary says how he thinks the music is consistently good. But, he says the dungeons are boring and ugly. Equates different biomes to simply being a different wall texture. Kole mentions how he didnt really have a problem navigating the dungeons, while Gary did. Gary also says he didnt find a single dungeon fun.

(58:09-1:23:06) They start talking about the silly stealth tutorial. Also talk about how the sympathy for the bad guys i a weird plot point. They go on about vaginas, or something. Gary doesn't like the multi-boss fight structure of the game. Gary says the side quests opened up too late for him to want to do them.

(1:23:16-1:31:55) They start talking about sub-gate Carbon Forest. The alligator bots are the only enemy Gary likes. Both Gary and Kole think the boat battle is not done well. They both talk about how the developer should have made the lock on system better. They enter Lake Jyun dungeon, where enemies are invisible and both Kole and Gary dislike this.

(1:32:12-1:35:49) They start talking about the dungeon. Neither of them like the boss fight here. Kole mentions how he missed a key item midway through a dungeon.

(1:35:57-1:46:00) They start talking about the Clozer Woods Sub-gate. Gary points out how, until this dungeon, they utilize the Z-Axis very infrequently. Gary continues to circle strafe the bosses to death, while Kole used a machine gun, or an auto cannon. Kole thinks the water segment here is better than the previous one. Neither Kole or Gary are in to dog kicking.

(1:46:14-1:51:53) They start talking about the Main Gate. Gary mentions how he started to run past enemies around this time, due to frustration with the past several boss fights.

(52:00:00-1:58:19) Kole starts to talk about the side quests. He talks about all of them and the big evil choice you have that will net you a lot of money, but make you bad. Gary mentions how he hates the end of Mega Man Legends.

(1:58:32-2:08:17) They start talking about the end of the game. Gary says that he actually likes the fight, with elements of bullshit. Kole agrees. Gary and Kole think it ends on a high note, after dealing with a rather bad final fight, story-wise. Gary finds the credits song hilarious.

(2:08:28-3:29:24) Final thoughts on the game and closing. Kole is favorable of the game and recommends it if you have room in your life to get past some of the controls and other complaints about the game. Gary isn't as favorable, but he likes the hangout parts with the citizens.

(2:29:36-2:33:57) Admin stuff and what they're doing next.

(2:34:51-2:35:10) Deleted scene of something.

Show Notes

Tron Bonne
Red Ash
Megabustin' makes me feel good
Puckerface from The Godhand
Water in Flint*The link in show notes was broken. Not sure why.
Guantanamo Bay as run by "Skull Face," Nicola and Bart


Apple Market
There are two tracks in between here that I forgot to timestamp. I dont know which tracks they are.
City Hall
We're the Bonnes
1:19:59 song in background, cant find.
The Sub-Gate of Carbon Forest
The Sub-gate of Lake Jyun
The Flutter
Clozer Woods Sub-gate
Main Gate
Kattelox Museum
Juno- Final Battle (Physique)
Staff Roll
Support Car
Police Station





Show Notes

Broad City

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