Menvelopes (Episode 1)


Gary was asked to seal envelopes using saliva and mouthparts at his general clerical job and thought, "there has to be a better way."

Product Summery

Menvelopes (developed by the Guyentists of Menvelopes Labs) look like an envelope (totally compatible with current postal technology) but the glue tastes like pussy to turn the act of licking an envelope into an overtly masculine one. The subtle notes of flavor are captured from donated vaginas by the Snatch-Catchâ„¢, which utilizes the same technology that flavored Willy Wonka's wallpaper. Different types of envelopes have the taste of different women (manila envelopes taste like women from Manila, for example).

In a cross-promotion with Locks of Love, Menvelopes is also weaving in extra long pubic hair with select models.

Available at XXX novelty shops as well as wedding supply shops near you.

Plot Elements

In addition to being the first episode of any show to introduce Brayton as a Duckfeed regular, it also establishes the formula we will be seeing for the remainder of the series. Gaz (also known as "Gary") or Brayton receives a phone call from the other and sells them on the idea over the course of the episode. We see from this episode that both men are living comfortable lives at this point, but aspire for greater things.

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