New Years Eve Party Party (Episode 6)


Brayton came up with it on the fly, mid call!

Product Summery

"Pop in that VHS, This Party Game Is The Best…New Years Eve Party Party!"
"Don't take your life my friend, if you don't kiss her it's not the end! New Years Eve Party Party…Game!"

Hate planning parties? Add THIS to your tabletop adventures! Gather your party around the table to play New Years Eve Party Party, the game about planning your New Years Eve Party. Land on the Beer square? better make that booze run! Streamers? Get to hanging 'em!

Plan ahead for next year or start early and get going for TONIGHT (assuming tonight is New Years Eve). Make sure to leverage that Carb Overload space to get your guests to nap and energize with a nap, and keep an eye on your diabetic friends!

Pick it up on now for the standard boardgame price of $88! This high quality Germain product takes up to a week to play out, so make sure to block of a loving portion of time to devote to it. You can download the PDF of the rules for the discounted price of $62!

Plot Elements

Garry confirms multiple guy on guy new years midnight smooches. We also have our first jingle since the Pitch Classic episodes, which had fully fleshed out jingles as intros.

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