Nick Glauber

The handsome young gent, Nick "Pancakes" Glauber, is co-host of Check it Out, Comrade! and has also appeared on other Duckfeed shows. He is handsome, but not as handsome as Rors.

Guest Appearances

Show Episode First Posted
Bonfireside Chat 5. Blighttown Mar 10, 2013
Bonfireside Chat 5a. Blighttown - Appendix Mar 17, 2013
Duckfeed Live Episode 2. This Honey Came From My Body Jul 30, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 50. Dark Chasm of Old and Giant Memories Nov 02, 2014
Bonfireside Chat 50a. Dark Chasm of Old and Giant Memories - Appendix Nov 09, 2014
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