The Duckfeed Patreon is how the Duckfeed Network has been able to grow. Its is why we have Duckfeed Live, weekly Abject Suffering episodes, as well as live shows and better recording equipment. The Patreon went live on May 1st, 2014. And it has hit every goal it posted.


Name $ Goal Reached
Weekly Abject Suffering $400 Yes
Sequel to the Stoic Club $525 Yes
Live Show at PRGE $600 Yes
Additional Pre-amp $750 Yes
Bloodborne Tier $1,000 Yes
Third Channel $1,250 Yes
Second Live Show $1,500 Yes
Monster in My Podcast $3,000 Yes
Days of Future Cast $3,500 No
Radio Free Midworld $4,000 No
Let's Talk About The Passion $4,500 No
The Crystal Chronicles $8,000 No
Cost of Living $10,000 No

Reward Tiers

This is a list of the reward tiers as of May 14th, 2016.

Reward level Reward Description
$1.00 Access to the backer blog. Every week, Gary and Kole write articles for the Backer Blog, detailing what goes into making the shows we make. Articles run the gamut from thoughtful pieces about games and culture, through to technical videos and writeups showing the ins-and-outs of podcast production. / Watch Out for Fireballs! Polls. This tier also gets you access to our quarterly WOFF! game selection polls. / Digital Goodies. Sometimes we come up with cool random digital goodies or events. Being a backer nets you access to these.
$2.00 Access to the Public Slack Team. Do you want to hang out in a cool chat room with Duckfeed hosts and fans? Backing at this tier or above gets you access to our public Slack channel./ You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.
$3.00 Access to our Early Release feed. Backing at this tier lets you download and listen to all of our network shows the day before they release to the general public. (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$5.00 Duckfeed Live priority. Each month, we'll hold a public video stream where we answer your questions and respond to your prompts. Backers at this tier will get priority for their questions on the Patreon backer feed. WOFFTRAX. A quarterly bonus show, where Kole and Gary go back and provide commentary for WOFF! intro sketches of yesteryear. (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$6.00 An extra premium episode of Abject Suffering per month! And you get to vote for what game we cover! Each month we'll put out a poll of our most-requested Abject Suffering games. You get to vote on which one we play, and then you get exclusive access to that episode for a month. After that month, the episode will fall into our store with all of the other premium content. So it always stays special. (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$10.00 You get a postcard from us each month. Pretty much what it says above. Each month you will get a special postcard with a funny design from the network on the front, and a personal message on the back. (NOTE: If you are a backer who lives outside of the U.S., you will receive a special package each quarter with the postcards you're owed… Sending postcards internationally each month is quite costly). (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$15.00 You get a chance to pick a game for us to cover on Abject Suffering. Each month, we'll do a random drawing from the backers at this tier. The winner gets to determine a game we'll cover for Abject Suffering. (NOTE: If the game is unreasonably difficult to obtain or emulate, we will likely ask you to pick again). (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$20.00 Premium Shows: Adaptation Decay and Try This. Each month, you'll get an episode of our premium shows "Adaptation Decay" (about bad film adaptations of video games) or "Try This" (Gary and Kole recommend pieces of media to each other, then talk about them). These shows will come out on alternate months, then become available on our store after a period of exclusivity. (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)
$25.00 A chance to win a free network t-shirt. Once a month, we'll perform a drawing to determine who wins a chance to get a free t-shirt with a network in-joke design on it. This design will be one-of-a-kind for three months before we potentially offer it up for sale. (You also get all of the rewards from the lower tiers.)

Backer Blogs

This is a list of the Backer Blogs that have been posted to the creator page of Duckfeed patreon. Since it can only be seen by backers at a certain pledge level, the Backer Blogs are not accessible to non-patrons.

Backer Blog Entry Title Backer Blog Entry Description Date Posted
Watch Out for Notes! Kole discusses the use of summary notes in Watch Out For Fireballs! May 16, 2014
Dream Projects: The Infinity Engineers Gary discusses examining games utilising the Infinity Engine. May 24, 2014
Dream Projects: Radio Free Midworld Gary discusses starting a podcast examining Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. May 31, 2014
Separating the WOFFles from the Square Pancakes Kole discusses what makes a suitable game for Watch Out For Fireballs! Jun 7, 2014
One Weird Trick: Markers Kole discusses the use of markers in editing podcasts. Jun 14, 2014
To Every Season (of BSC) Turn, Turn, Turn Gary discusses the ease of producing a season of //Bonfireside Chat. Jun 21, 2014
One Weird Trick: Call and Response Kole discusses keeping track of audience interaction. Jun 28, 2014
Broken, Dumb and Fake. Gary discusses the process of composing themes for the network. July 5, 2014
Gabriel Notes Kole writes about a new way of taking notes while paying homage to one of the most famous tape recorders in video game history. Jul 12, 2014
Podcasting on the Cheap pt. 1: Intro to Audacity Gary discusses getting into podcasting on a budget. Jul 26, 2014
Your Dollars at Work: Saffire Weapon Kole discusses a new piece of audio equipment. Aug 2, 2014
Podcasting on the cheap 2: Super Basic Audacity Effects Gary discusses utilising effects in Audacity. Aug 9, 2014
In a Name: Kole discusses how the network name came about. Aug 16, 2014
Side Path: Forsooth! Projects That Almost Were and Will Be Gary discusses projects being halted by time constraints. Aug 23, 2014
Random Acts of Suffering Kole discusses the process of choosing games for Abject Suffering. Sep 1, 2014
A Minor Point about Gaming and Depression Gary discusses the link between gaming and depression. Sep 6, 2014
On Time Kole discusses time management. Sep 15, 2014
Mini-sode! Two easy free podcast resources Gary discusses two podcast production resources. Sep 20, 2014
One Weird Trick: Omnifocus Kole overthinks task management. Sep 27, 2014
On the Record Gary discusses the importance of objectivity and opinion. Oct 4, 2014
What to Look Forward to at PRGE Kole discusses attending Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014. Oct 12, 2014
On #GooberGrape Gary discusses #GooberGrape. Oct 18, 2014.
The Bonfireside Chat Theme Song Kole discusses the composition of the Bonfireside Chat theme song. Oct 24, 2014
Crowdfunding Gary discusses crowdfunding. Nov 1, 2014
A Good Title Kole discusses the importance of a good title. Nov 8, 2014
Microphones, Pop Filters, and the Praises of the Heil PR-40 Kole discusses pop filters and microphones. Nov 23, 2014
Rank and File pt. 1 Gary discusses the usefulness of lists. Nov 30, 2014
The Baffling Story on Baffling Kole discusses the importance of baffling. Dec 6, 2014
Curmudgeon Gary discusses controversial dislikes. Dec 13, 2014
Data Dump 2014: Show Length Kole discusses the amount of content produced by the Duckfeed network in 2014. Dec 23, 2014
Last of the Listicles Gary discusses gaming in 2014. Dec 28, 2014
A Good Fan is Hard to Find Kole discusses the importance of a quiet fan within a signal chain. Jan 3, 2015
Growing a Conscience or How I learned to stop worrying and love holistic podcasting Gary discusses the importance of developing a conscience. Jan 10, 2015
What We Sell Kole discusses podcasting as a product. Jan 17, 2015
The Anatomy of Podcasts. Pt. 1: Over-editing. Gary discusses the dangers of over-editing. Jan 24, 2015
Kole's Rock Band Wish List Kole discusses his Rock Band wishlist. Jan 31, 2015
The Anatomy of Podcasts: Friendship Porn. Gary discusses good feelings in podcasts. Feb 7, 2015
Tutorial: In the Fade Kole discusses podcast editing and fades. Feb 14, 2015
Gary's Rockband Wishlist Gary discusses his Rock Band wishlist. Feb 21, 2015
The Hosting Service With the Mostest Kole discusses podcast hosting services. Mar 1, 2015
Criticism! Gary discusses criticism. Mar 8, 2015
Regularity Kole discusses the importance of a regular schedule. Mar 15, 2015
The Energy Kole discusses creative burnout. Apr 6, 2015
Falling Out of Love Gary discusses falling out of love with childhood favourites. Apr 13, 2015
The Numbers Kole discusses the podcast numbers. Apr 19, 2015
Mechanical Anatomy Gary discusses mechanics in Pillars of Eternity. Apr 26, 2015
Review: HP Stream Mini Kole reviews the HP Stream Mini. May 10, 2015
Independence Gary discusses sponsorship. May 16, 2015
Pander Gary discusses Ready, Player One. May 29, 2015
Making a Sound Kole discusses the dbx 286. Jun 6, 2015
Monday Morning Gary discusses the difficulties of game creation. Jun 13, 2015
Video: Editing the Level Kole discusses the process of editing The Level. Jun 26, 2015
Early Frost Warning Gary discusses the process of creating his game, Early Frost Warning. Jun 27, 2015
Video: Studio Walkthrough 2015 Kole shows off his home studio, as of July 2015. Jul 4, 2015
Be Our Guest Gary discusses Vaatividya and plagarism. Jul 11, 2015
Monitoring the Situation Kole discusses the importance of monitoring. Jul 19, 2015
Bat Bloat Gary discusses Arkham Knight. Jul 25, 2015
More on Notes Kole further discusses the process of taking notes. Aug 2, 2015
Death of my Desire Gary discusses physical collections. Aug 10, 2015
The Anatomy of an Edit: Watch Out for Fireballs! Kole discusses the process of editing Watch Out for Fireballs! Aug 16, 2015
I'm an Idiot Gary discusses sketches. Aug 22, 2015
Taking it Personal Kole discusses creativity and self-esteem. Sep 3, 2015
Monsters Gary discusses monster encyclopedias. Sep 6, 2015
Capture Kole discusses audio design. Sep 12, 2015
A Swooper's Art Gary discusses the process of creating art. Sep 21, 2015
Flashback: Stand Under the Don't Tree and Riddle Me This Kole discusses his first podcast, Stand Under The Don't Tree and Riddle Me This. Sep 26, 2015.
The Choose Is Lose Gary discusses the process of choosing games for Watch Out for Fireballs! Nov 11, 2015
How to Suffer Kole discusses the process of choosing games for Abject Suffering. Dec 13, 2015
Fixing JRPGs Gary discusses the flaws of JRPGs. Dec 18, 2015
Teenage Dirtbags Gary discusses how he and Brayton Cameron go about being Teenage Dirtbags. Dec 30, 2015.
Suffering by the Numbers Kole discusses the suggestions database for Abject Suffering. Jan 10, 2016
My Personal Canon: Maniac Mansion Gary discusses Maniac Mansion. Jan 13, 2016
Isaac Rebirth: Guiding Principles Gary discusses The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Jan 23, 2016
Overtalk, or "I Was Just Gonna Say" Kole discusses overtalk. Jan 23, 2016
Shadow Tower for the Souls Player Gary discusses Shadow Tower. Jan 30, 2016
My Personal Canon: Dishonored Gary discusses Dishonored. Feb 15, 2016
Community Kole discusses the importance of the community. Feb 20, 2016
Streaming Setup Kole discusses his streaming setup. Feb 28, 2016
Elegance Gary discusses elegance and game design. Mar 2, 2016
A Life of Book Reports Kole discusses a new process of taking notes. Mar 20, 2016
The Garbage Gulch BSC Gary discusses the Garbage Gulch episode of Bonfireside Chat. Mar 27, 2016
Water Finds Its Level Kole discusses a change in circumstances. Apr 17, 2016
Shots From The Dark Gary discusses destructive criticism. Jun 4, 2016
Get The Love Out: Manuals Gary discusses his love for manuals. Jun 16, 2016
Brief: Mechanical Identity Gary discusses Tomb Raider 2013. Jul 9, 2016
Making a Monster Kole discusses the origin of Monster In My Podcast. Jul 26, 2016
Slack Gary discusses the Slack channel. Aug 6, 2016
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