Radio Free Mid World

Radio Free Mid-World is a podcast about the Dark Tower series of novels, written by Stephen King. It is hosted by Kole Ross, with three or four rotating chairs. Each episode covers a chapter. The Dark Tower are not the only things covered, other works by King are as well. As well as adaptations of his work, such as the 2017 movie It. The podcast is Bi-Weekly.

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~ List of Radio Free Mid-World Episodes

Episode # Episode Name Date Released
1 The Gunslinger, Chapter 1 "The Gunslinger" November 15th, 2016
2 The Gunslinger, Chapter 2 "The Way Station" November 29th, 2016
3 The Gunslinger, Chapter 3 "The Oracle and The Mountains" December 13th, 2016
4 The Gunslinger, Chapter 4 "The Slow Mutants" December 27th, 2016
5 The Gunslinger, Chapter 5 "The Gunslinger and the Man in Black" January 10th, 2016
6 The Eyes of the Dragon January 24th, 2017
7 The Drawing of the Three "The Prisoner (Part 1)" February 7th, 2017
8 The Drawing of the Three "The Prisoner (Part 2)" February 21st, 2017
9 The Drawing of the Three "The Lady of Shadows (Part 1)" March 7th, 2017
10 The Drawing of the Three "The Lady of Shadows (Part 2)" March 21st, 2017
11 The Drawing of the Three "The Pusher (Part 1)" April 4th, 2017
12 The Drawing of the Three "The Pusher (Part 2)" April 18th, 2017
13 Rose Madder May 2nd, 2017
14 The Waste Lands "Bear and Bone" May 16th, 2017
15 The Waste Lands "Key and Rose" May 30th, 2017
16 The Waste Lands "Door and Demon" June 13th, 2017
17 The Waste Lands "Town and Ka-Tet" June 27th, 2017
18 The Waste Lands "Bridge and City (Part 1)" July 11th, 2017
19 The Waste Lands "Bridge and City (Part 2)" July 25th, 2017
20 The Waste Lands "Riddles and Wastelands" August 8th, 2017
21 The Dark Tower Movie August 22nd, 2017
22 The Mist September 5th, 2017
23 It (The Movie) September 19th, 2017
24 The Stand (Part 1) October 3rd, 2017
25 The Stand (Part 2) October 17th, 2017
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