Revolution X

Picture Steven Tyler making a series of tuna fish sandwiches

Abject Suffering Episode 1 is about Revolution X, for the SNES, by Midway. It aired on January 1st, 2013.

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Kole spins a wheel.



Gary and Kole explain the premise of Abject Suffering. Kole is surprised that the game contains Aerosmith, both go on to explain their distaste for Aerosmith while describing the game. The poorly digitized graphics and music, along with the general aesthetic, are mocked at length. While talking about other light gun games, in particular Gun Survivor, Kole is distraught over his knowledge of Resident Evil lore. Gary talks about cabin depressurization, Kole describes a "The Parking Lot is Full" comic, misremembering it as being about Superman and not the Greatest American Hero. Kole sings a bit of "Pink" by Aerosmith, leading into a conversation about Aerosmith songs and Pop Up Video. Gary goes into more detail about hating Aerosmith. During this digression, Gary addresses the audience of people not listening to the podcast in a confusing manner. Revolution X is abandoned for more Aerosmith talk. Kole feigns confusion when Gary steers the conversation back to the game. The meaning of "Love in an Elevator" is discussed, vis a vis Steven Tyler "getting some mad trim" in an elevator.

Gary references Steven Tyler's "disgusting Goatse mouth" which Kole finds very disgusting. Gary describes a scene of Steven Tyler making and eating tuna sandwiches, and a camera closing in while he eats them. They elaborate on the scene, which ends with Gary and Kole in a mutual suicide.

They discuss their dissatisfaction with the game's controls and setting. The awards at the end of the level are mocked, especially the "mammy award". Aerosmith's current activities are discussed. Kole describes Steven Tyler's recent career moves and is distressed in a similar manner to his earlier knowledge of Resident Evil. Aerosmith's discography, especially their album titles, are described by Gary, to the delight of all - in particular "Honkin' on Bobo" and "Music from Another Dimension!". Gary does not care for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

Gary reads the headings for Steven Tyler's personal life on Wikipedia: Julia Holcomb, Family and Relationships, Throat Surgery, Hepatitis C.


Gary: Good night and good luck.
Kole: Good night.

Other bad games referenced

Wayne's World
Resident Evil: Gun Survivor
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Inside Jokes

Steven Tyler - The singer of Aerosmith is referenced constantly throughout the episode
Joe Perry - The lead guitar player of Aerosmith, who is described as naked and eating an apple during the fictional scene of Steven Tyler eating tuna sandwiches
Honkin' on Bobo - An Aerosmith album with a funny name is brought up when they talk about their recent albums
Goatse - Gary compares Steven Tyler's mouth to Goatse

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