Silent Hill 3


Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross ooze affection for Silent Hill 3.

Watch Out for Fireballs episode 124 is about the PlayStation 2 title, Silent Hill 3. The episode aired on March 24th, 2016.


(0:41-4:04) A fake commercial about a Silent Hill locksmith going insane.


(4:53-30:54) Intros, generalities and basics about the game. They joke about Heather's name change being about her getting married. Gary mentions how Silent Hill 3 is more subtle than Silent Hill 2 with how it portrays the symbolism of the creatures and is much less overt than Silent Hill 2's representation of sex and violence. They go on to praise the character models and art direction and how advanced it looks for a PS2 game and even looks better than some modern games. Kole mentions how he finds this soundtrack as Akira at the height of his powers, as well as probably the most listenable Silent Hill OST. Briefly talk about Silent Hill 4 and Silent Hill 3's relation to the series.

(31:04-38:46) They begin discussing the premise of the game, opting to reveal plot points as the game reveals them. While explaining the intro level, Gary praises the use of the Robbie dolls, which he loves that they never show up as enemies, or alive at all. Gary mentions how he played on Combat Easy difficulty. They talk about the Pendulum enemy and how the sound that emanated whenever they're on screen is just the best/worst.

(39:25-55:51) They begin talking about the next area, the Mall. Gary tells the story about how he accidentally walked in to a closed store, who's door was unlocked. They both comment on how they like that the save points exist in the world and that Heather comments on them every time you see a new one. Gary brings up how he dislikes how many locked doors there are in the mall. Kole agrees, saying there is not enough emphasis on important doors, nothing to draw your eyes toward them. they like how a lot of the stuff hints about Heather not having the best past. With hints at smoking, shoplifting and a few others. They start talking about the puzzles and how the Hard mode puzzles can get pretty crazy, involving outside knowledge to solve. Kole also mentions how a lot of the puzzles revolve around things high schoolers learn in class.

(55:52-1:05:34) They begin talking about the Dark Mall. Kole talks about what happens if you have a Silent Hill 2 save while in a bathroom. Kole mentions how this is the beginning of Heather's nonplussed attitude toward the weird, with the BBQ dog. They talk about how they really like the big ladder that leads to the first boss.

(1:05:48-1:19:34) They begin talking about the Subway level. This is Gary's least favorite area in the game. Neither of them are really in to the mini-ghost story bits that happen here and they both dislike the instant death when you go on the train tracks. Gary also thinks the sewer level could've been cut, but finds it more of an enjoyable level than the Subway. They joke about how Heather just finds and nonchalantly uses a maul as a weapon. Kole asks Gary what he thought about the signposting of the instant death from the tentacle monster and Gary, unsurprisingly, thought it was bullshit (which, I mean, it is…).

(1:19:35-1:38:03) They start on about the Hilltop Center and construction zone, as well as an Office Building. Gary jokes about wanting to work at a mannequin office, so he can be fired for being the one who poses them in spooky positions. They talk a bit about the silliness of the weapons, like the Katana. And they talk about the strange sense of humor the Silent Hill games have, specifically 2 and 3. Gary talks about how hes not completely sold on Vincent's character. Gary mentions the Glutton 'enemy' and Kole gushes.

(1:38:24-1:52:30) They start talking about Heather returning home. They both find the boss fight with the Missionary quite annoying. Gary mentions how the backstories of the NPCs are not complicated enough. They go in to more plot stuff before heading in to the town of Silent Hill.

(1:52:31-2:17:38) This is where they talk about Silent Hill proper and the Hospital. They both really like the Hospital in the game and don't hold it against the devs for re-using Silent Hill 2 assets, specifically because of ho the Otherworld Hospital works. Kole explains what the hard mode puzzle for the number pad is and Gary likes the idea of the numpad representing a face. They talk about climbing one of, if not the, best ladder in video games. They go in to detail about Valtiel and his role in the game/universe. They praise the fuck out of the Mirror Room. God, its so good. Fuck. They agree that this is probably the scariest thing in the game. Kole talks about how the "birthday call" is a bit of a controversial thing, but he really likes it. They both like Leonard Wolf's design, but think the actual fight isn't that good.

(2:17:50-2:25:13) They start on about the amusement park proper, here. Gary mentions how the haunted mansion part is one of his favorite levels in a game. They pretty much praise the haunted house segment for several minutes. Its a real good segment.

(2:25:24-2:31:42) They begin this by joking about how Douglas somehow broke both his legs. Gary laments on the dropped ball that is Douglas' backstory. They talk about the good setpiece of the carousal and the meaty horses held up by hooks.

(2:32:00-3:08:08) They begin to talk about the final dungeon, The Church. Kole really likes it, due to it really advancing the Otherworld stuff. Gary likes the unique map in this area. Gary questions who the woman confessing to Heather is in the confessional booth, theorizing it represents Heather's mother. Though, its never clear on who this woman actually is. They talk a bit of sugar about Vincent's "They look like monster's to you?" bit. They go on to talk about the final stretches of the game, discussing the red liquid and a couple other things from Silent Hill 1. Gary talks about how he thinks Claudia's character devlopment comes a bit too late in the game and in such a bulk way, that it was hard for him to get an emotional response from learning more about her. Gary mentions how Vincent is kind of just an idiot, Claudia's false logic and the true way to end the game and access the boss fight. Neither hate the fight, nor think its that great.

(3:08:36-3:20:49) They talk about the ending and their closing feelings about the game. Both are extremely favorable of the game and go on to talk about how modern horror games should chase the Silent Hill model, rather than the Amnesia model, even though the Amnesia model is also really good. They talk about how Silent Hill evolved to be its own aesthetic, breaking free of its influences, such as Stephen King, Session 9 and Jacob's Ladder.

(3:21:03-3:26:11) Admin stuff and what they're doing next, yay!

(3:27:02-2:27:22) Outtake of them joking about Silent Hill voice overs.

Show Notes

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Circumcision nonsense
Subway scene. Couldn't find unaltered version
Ghost Stations
The gates are open. This is the last time this will appear in show notes. Drink it up.
Session 9
Suicide House...


You're Not Here (Feat Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
Heads No. 1
Twisted Origins (in the background when they describe the intro)
Float Up From a Dream (in the background when they're talking about the Pendulum enemy for the first time.)
End of Small Sanctuary
Stay Away From me (In the background when they're talking about the first Closer encounter in the Mall.)
Walk on Vanity Ruins
-Some missed tracks going on here-
Letter ~ From The Lost Days (Feat.. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
-Some missed background stuff-
Agoraphobia (Plays in the background when the'yre talking about dicks and vaginas.)
Mirror Image (Plays in the background when they're talking about the mirror room.)
-Some missed background stuff-
Prayer (Plays in the background when they're talking about the Claudia and Vincent scene in the motel.)
Heads No. 2
Lost Carol (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (In the background when they're talking about jumping off the coaster tracks)
Absorbed By Red (Plays in the background when they're talking about the red light highway.)
I Want Love (Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
Spin the Carousal (In the background talking about the boss fight on the carousal)
2:31:42 Not sure about the song
Maternal Heart (Played in the background of them discussin Vincent's "They look like monster's to you?" line.)
Some missed background stuff
Innocent Moon (Plays in the background when theyre talking about the final scene before the God boss fight.)
I Want Love (Studio Mix)


The Silent Hill 3 Extrasode aired on March 31st, 2016


(0:39-13:02) All of this is basically reading responses. Brief outtake. All responses are from the Contact forum and there are five total responses.


(1:05-211) Ethan writes in. He says its one of his top 5 games. Loves listening to the soundtrack. Gary and Kole agree with his points. Gary talks a bit about how games age and mentions how having your thoughts down on record allows you to see how well something has aged to you.

(2:11-3:25) Alex via Contact. Says that SH3 is a good game, but a bit disappointing, due to it being less scary than the first and not as well written as the second. Gary and Kole disagree on the former. They talk a bit about the great character models.

(3:25-5:00) Ryan via Contact. Talks about quitting it halfway through, unsure why. But, completed it recently. Mentions how he was hard-pressed for ammo, which was only a real inconvenience during the final boss fight. Loves Heather's obvious pointing out of objects (ex: It's bread.) Kole talks about how its almost a fourth wall break, of some sort. Kind of in a playful/mocking way toward the player. They talk about button choices for opening menus always gets mixed up.

(5:00-8:10) Ian, via Contact. Talks some sugar about Silent Hills previous coverage on WOFF! (Silent Hill 2), mentioning how interesting it is to have noted Silent Hill enthusiast Kole Ross talk about it with noted Silent Hill newcomer, Gary Butterfield. He praises the graphics and how it wraps up Silent Hill 1s story really well. He notes a negative being the instant death points and (maybe) the Pendulum enemies. Our Hosts agree. Kole questions if this is possibly the final game in this style, at least GOOD game. Resident Evil 4 is a noted example of how it changed the genre, followed by the Dark Descent. Gary compares it to how Adventure games evolved and changed with the times. Gary compares the rise and fall of interest in Silent Hill's reviews to the Megaman series, specifically Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.

(8:10-10:47) Tim, via Contact. talks about his history with Silent Hill, from playing the first with friends on a stormy night, to quitting Silent Hill 4 because of how scary it was. Tells a story about a terrifying event hat happened while playing Silent Hill 3. (Rest in Peace Goldie 26.<3) Kole reminisces about his scary phone experience while playing Silent Hill 2.


(12:52- 13:01) Outtake of them saying goodbye.

Show Notes

Project Scissors

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