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Welcome to the Duckfeed Wiki! If you're planning on adding content, each show has its own Template! If you need a good reference, most if not all of the shows have a few pages filled out! This isn't an exact representation of what each page should be, but it should give you an idea of how to write! The goal is to be detailed without giving away too much - we want people to use the wiki as a reference point rather than a substitute for the shows themselves. These entries aren't meant to be word for word, but rather a general index of what was talked about and roughly when the topic came up. (Specifically for WOFF! and The Level, where time stamps are important!) NOTE that premium show pages should NOT include details because these are paid content - if you want to know what each episode is about, support the Patreon or purchase the shows in the Duckfeed store!

If you have any questions and you are in the Duckfeed Slack channel, you can use the #Duckfeed-Wiki room! If you see an account abusing anything (ex: scrambling up pages, trolling, etc) feel free to message an admin here or in the Slack channel. (@ZChocobo, @Jala-Chan, @Chasegre)

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