The Duckfeed Store used to house a bunch of bonus content and merch, but now only has Gary's Power Worlds books listed, as well as the Diggity Duck Bundle 1 and 2.. Everything else is handled on the Duckfeed Teepublic page, or is a reward for backing at the 10 dollar tier on the Duckfeed Patreon.

Main Store

Item Related show Description Price
Souls of Darkness Physical Book Bonfireside Chat Behold! The land of Koledran from the Souls of Darkness SuperStation Game! A Dark and Mysterious world filled with monsters, magic, and dark mysteries! From The Church with No Name to the ruins of Olalsia, Koledran is your number one source for excitement and danger! $17.00
Duckfeed Postcards (Random, 4 Pak) N/A Enter the Duckfeed Postcard Random Pak, a chance for you to get a booster envelope full of random Duckfeed postcards. This is a randomized four pack of Patreon cards that are more than a quarter (three months) old. Send them to friends, tape them to your wall, or frame them. $4.00
JJ and Jeff Abject Suffering A lot of people requested JJ and Jeff for Abject Suffering, so we decided to record a very special episode of Abject Suffering in person during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo of 2013. Listen in horror as we admit to actually kind of LIKING this reviled, strange game. This was originally a backers-only gift for our 2013 Kickstarter campaign. $1.00
WOFF! Live: Mario Kart Watch Out For Fireballs! A live show recorded at the 2013 Portland Retro Gaming Expo, on the subject of Super Mario Kart. Special thanks to our guest Bob Mackey, of Retronauts. $2.50
Super Mario Lab: 4VGbyVG N/A This is the second album by Super Mario Lab, aka Gary Butterfield, aka regular Gary plus Mario Paint Composer. 52 songs, all super short, designed to be played on shuffle. Special thanks to Elisabeth Geier, Kole Ross, Lynn Wiberg, Riff Connor, Rors the Cat, and all of our patrons. $5.00
Custom Mario Paint Song N/A One unique, 30 second Mario Paint composition, in MP3 form, composed by Gary Butterfield. It's a song TOTALLY JUST FOR YOU. You can't sell it: Gary maintains the commercial rights to the song. But feel free to use it as a podcast theme, to introduce YouTubes, whatever. We'll talk! $15.00
WOFF! Digital Fun Pak (Ring Tones + Background) Watch Out For Fireballs! This is a great way to permeate WOFF! through your digital life. The WOFF! Digital Fun Pak includes: Ring tones of the WOFF! Intro and Outro songs (in .mp3 and .m4a, so it will work on all mobile devices). WOFF! background images for both your Desktop and Mobile devices. $2.00
WOFFTRAX 2: Duck Tales to Sword of Mana Watch Out for Fireballs! WOFFTRAX is a commentary track for your least favorite part of your favorite show: The opening sketches of Watch Out for Fireballs! Listen back with us as we critique our old work and reveal some inside perspective on the show. $2.50
Super Mario Lab: The Stoic Club N/A 49 micro songs, 1 macro song, all composed in Mario Paint Composer by Gary Butterfield. Designed to be played on shuffle. $5.00
Watch Out for Fireballs! Takes You Places Poster Watch Out For Fireballs Sometimes your world gets very small. Podcasts can fix that. Watch Out for Fireballs! is a show about great games that take place in great places, and this poster commemorates some of those trips. Designed by Noah Dorsey (@thenoahdorsey) for our 2013 Kickstarter campaign, this poster can be yours. Only a few left, unless we decide to order some more. $12.00
Super Mario Lab: Apologia EP N/A This Super Mario Lab EP, "Apologia", is a diversion from the previous LPs. The title track is a full-length Mario Paint track, and the rest of the songs are lovingly crafted experiments created with the Korg DS. $2.00

Exquisite Suffering

A premium version of Abject Suffering. Patreon backers at the $6 level or above vote on and receive these episodes on the first of every month, with the previous month's episode hitting the store along with it. All episodes of Exquisite Suffering are $1.50.

Premium Shows

Premium shows are available to $25+ backers on Patreon. The episodes come later in the month, usually. They end up on the store every two months, when the next episode goes up fo Patreon backers. All Premium episodes are $3.50.

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