Super Mario RPG

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross jump right into Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The Mushroom Kingdom is in peril. The princess is missing, Bowser has been kicked out of his home by a dimension-hopping blacksmith, and the Star Road has been destroyed. It's up to Mario, a cloud prince who thinks he's a frog, and a star-powered doll to set everything right.

Watch Out for Fireballs episode 4 is about the Super Nintendo title Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The episode aired on October 20, 2011.



(0:00 - 0:00) When the skit begins to when the skit ends. Quick and short description of what the skit is.


(0:00 - 0:00) - Usually, time codes are separated when a major change in discussion happens. For example, when they go from the introduction in to talking about the story. Then, form the story, talking about the gameplay. But, there can be time codes to indicate notable funny moments, if they go on a tangent. Truthfully, this is to try and catch Gary and Kole in some sort of hypocrisy. They will slip up. One day.

Show Notes

This is literally the show notes copied and pasted (and properly linked) from the actual show notes from the episode.


Links to the songs they used from the game in the show, in the order they showed up.


‚ÄčThis episode aired prior to the separation of listener responses into their own dedicated podcast entry.


Usually a summary of the total number of responses, then a breakdown of where those responses came from. For example, "There are a total of 7 responses. 5 are from the contacts page and 2 are from facebook."


(0:00 - 0:00) Time code for each individual response. Starting with [Name of person who sent in response], via [place they sent the response from, contact/facebook/etc] then a brief detail of important notes they mention about the game and personal experience.


(0:00 - 0:00) Each time code is for a different outtake. Brief summary of what the outtake is about.

Show Notes

Again, show notes taken from the actual episode.

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