Sweet Home

"Do you associate Dragon Quest combat with spooks and frights? You oughta, especially once you realize you're trying to kill Evil Dolls and swarms of worms with fruit knives"

Sweet Home is the fifth game covered on Hex Crank. It was developed by Capcom and was released on 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although there is no official US release, Kole used a fan translation which he praises (like the Sun) in the article. The game is truly the predecessor to what Resident Evil is. This makes it the most survival horror game covered on Hex Crank, up until this point. Kole describes the plot being cliché, but it doesn't hinder the enjoyment of experiencing the story. Sweet Home is unique as it is a JRPG Survival Horror game. Which makes it one of the most unique survival horror games, while also being one of the most recognizable survival horror games based on its other gameplay mechanics. He really liked the game. Kole, obviously, emulated this game to be able to use the fan translation. He beat the game.

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