The Bunshine (Episode 2)


None given in episode.

Product Summery

"It's a mistake you only make once!"

For those late night bathroom misadventures, the Bunshine is a slightly radioactive cream for your posterior that allows it to shine with as a grossly incandescent sun. Excellent for finding deification locations in and outside of the home.

For your convenience, a single application will last for 48 hours. Excellent for both the very regular and the infuriatingly infrequent. Other applications include lightning bug costumes and but tag. Additional slathers of Bunshine currently don't give added benefits, but a black light option is under option.

Advertised by it's mascot Paul Rear-Veir, America's shitting pioneer.

Plot Elements

We have our first reference to The Splashlight, an old Dinopitch episode (which eventually re-aired in the Pitch Classics), clearly establishing the two shows within the same canon. In order to progress with The Bunshine, Brayton needs the remaining capital from the Splashlight.

It is revealed that Brayton doesn't find anything cute.

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