The Daddening

I'm gonna be a dad!!!

The Daddening is a Blog on the website created by Dennis Furia, one of the hosts of The Level. The first post November: Character Creation was on April 27th, 2014, but the dates for almost all of the first posts are not when the post was written, as they were written before the public announcement. The point of the blog is for Dennis' future self to look back on. The second reason is to follow what fatherhood means over time.
In August 2015 Dennis partnered with Geofry Lawton (a listener of the Duckfeed network who was also a new dad) to write every other post. The blog has been dormant since Geofry's first post, though, with Dennis vowing to return to blogging when "the time, energy, and inspiration all come together to write something longer than a tweet."

List of Blog Posts

Title Date Published
November - Character Creation April 27, 2014
December - Drinking Games May 4, 2014
January - Superbowl Hyundai May 12, 2014
February - Go Loud June 8th, 2014
March - Luke Robert July 6, 2014
April - Open Letter July 27, 2014
May - Los Angeles September 29, 2014
July 2015 - Year One July 29, 2015
August 2015 - Plus One August 29, 2015
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