The E C O Pal (Episode 8)


Brayton saw all the stars above and realized he was naught but dust.

Product Summery

"The sound of your own crisis will bring hope to millions!"

Are you ever confronted by your own mortality/perpetual cosmic terror? The reality of life getting you down? The Existential Crisis Overtiring Pal (or E.C.O. Pal) is your new friend. When you have an existential crisis it broadcasts it to the world. Never again be forced to podcast or socially network your most personal fears, with our handy Backpack/Helmet/Victrola combo. Be it conscious, subconscious or unconscious the E.C.O. Pal will announce your most grim and dark terrors.

Don't forget to pick up a Existential Crisis Inflicting Pal (E.C.I. Pal), as a gift for a friend or just a way to keep you and your world in check. E.C.I. Pal and E.C.O. Pals are compatible and are great for your next Renaissance Festival cosplay, dates, trips to the ballpark and so much more!

E.C.O. Mark 2 (Overdrive) and cat sized models are all in the works.

Coming to a store near you for the excellent price of $29.99.

Plot Elements

*Gary experiences constant cosmic dread.
*Rors can be heard right around the 6 minute mark, and much more faintly around 6:30.

Post Roll

Both Garry and Brayton vocalize a song.

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