The Gemiknife (Episode 4)


None given, but Brayton wants to sell it to President Obama.

Product Summery

"The Gemiknife: Wouldn't it be knife to save some time?"

Millions of Americans are already saving hours of your life using Goober Grape for their PB&J sandwiches, but maybe you aren't. Now, with the power of the Gemiknife, fear no more for dirtying two separate knives. With it's solo handle and neighborblade technology you and moms across the world can construct PB&J sandwiches quickly and efficiently.

The Gemiknife has many other uses as well, such as applying condiment to multiple surfaces at once, freeing toast from both slots of a toaster (with it's now non-conductive handle), and creating your own double-sandwich-spreads from scratch!

Special editions of the Gemiknife include

  • Remus and Romulus
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
  • Two Fat Guys on a Motorcycle
  • Haley Joel Osment and his womb-eaten twin

Crafted by Amlet and Amish immigrants (from Amland and Pennsylvania), it is truly a one of a kind piece of technology. For JUST 29.99 you can own this superior technology today on a limited scale.

The Gemiknife remains untested on Goober Strawberry.

Plot Elements

The first mention of The Shavecave, another Pitch Classic episode, and it's new partnership with Schick Razors.

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