The Santagonizer (Episode 5)


Gary's holiday season started grim, but turned around in the biggest, baddest way.

Product Summery

When you've been bad, you *KNOW* you're going to have a case of the Krampus come this holiday season. When this human house-fire of a house-guest tumbles in, the only choice is the Santagonizer. This easy to install chimney hookup detects if your seasonal home invader is Jolly Old St. Nick or just another case of the Krampus. In case of K-man, the Santagonizer will poke, jab and bludjen this Icelandic Terror with pointed, cold iron weapons of varying size until he deems your home more trouble than it's worth. If it's Santa, all that will happen is a friendly pat on the rump.

Now, this is a premium product at $505, but at the added bonus of keeping away the Menstrual Krampus the value cannot be beat.

Plot Elements

The first vocalizations from Rors the cat on The Pitch.

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