The Shnsac (Episode 7)


Gary was waiting for a bus, and ran into a gentleman by the name of "The Sandman". He proceeds to put our innovator into a sleeper hold.

Product Summery

"The name that all the kids will be saying, the sleep all the kids will be spraying! SHNSAC!"

Have trouble falling asleep? Want unpredictable sleep? Life in Portland, OR? The Sandman Happy Nap Sleep Attack Concept (or SHNSAC) is for you! At the slightest provocation our trained Sandmen will put you in a surprise sleeper hold. At over eight feet tall, this chosen bishop of Hypnos the god of sleep will use his blessed arms and crouching technology to sneak up on you and lull you into a forceful slumber.

Add this mystery to your life for the low price of $10 a week and a copy of your house key! Extra services such as costumes, sound effects and side kicks can be added on for an additional fee.

Services unavailable on certain bus lines.

Plot Elements

  • Menvelopes are being shipped in normal envelopes.
  • The slogan for The SHNSAC! is spookily similar to the slogan of Backpackula, the Vampire Backpack.
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