"With Uninvited, we officially wander into H.P. Lovecraft territory. Not the cosmic stuff, but the "strange and magical forces undermining the world of man" stuff."

Uninvited is the sixth game covered on Hex Crank. It was developed by ICOM Simulations for the Macintosh in 1986. Kole played the NES port, released in 1991. So, even though this games NES port came out after, this game was released before the previous games Sweet Home, Friday the 13th, and Personal Nightmare. Kole mentions this game is more focused on comedic elements and has a focus on unique ways to kill the player. He has gripes with the logic in this game not being as, well, logical as in a previous ICOM game, Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True. Kole seems to be more in the middle with this game. Its not as decisively a bad game as Ghost Manner and isn't as decisively good as Sweet Home. But, he does say "If you read Uninvited as a parody of horror standards, it's great. Not Young Frankenstein great, but still pretty great.". Kole beat this game and mentions how creepy it is your older sister gives you some smooch smooch.

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