"Waxworks is a game that you play in spite of yourself, but for few of the right reasons."

Waxworks is the seventh game covered on Hex Crank. It was published by Accolade in 1992 for Windows.This post uses more images than previous entries. Kole says Waxworks' Egypt death scenes feel unearned, unlike Uninvited which has a "delightful and earned" feeling. he calls the traps and the maze of the level "bullshit". He calls the Egypt level "Tedious" and "frustrating" that "destroys all dread and all feeling.". Kole is much more favorable with the Victorian England level. He says it is "a preview of the close relationship that horror and stealth will have in the future, and it shows up well before the most notable modern examples of that crossover". He likes the Mines, too. but, he thinks the Graveyard is more of a proof of concept, or a tech demo. Kole beat this game, but it wasnt a satisfying feeling, since the game numbs the player so early on.

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