Wayne's World

Created by THQ, played on NES

Abject Suffering Episode 10 (5/16/2013)

Recommended by Blaine Nemier


Gary explains his love of pseudoscience and the occult. Gary whips out his Tarot deck to practice on Kole. He draws the upside-down seven of guitars, the six of floating trumpets, and finally the upside-down death because playing Wayne's World for NES will make you want to kill yourself.

Kole: *choking sounds*
Gary: *beatboxes over choking sounds*
Gary: You got a good rhythm going on there.


The hosts do not like this game. They discuss the defunct THQ, to which Gary quotes the song "Crossroads" briefly. Kole explains this is based on the SNL-based movie Wayne's World, and goes on to say it's one of his favorite movies. Kole also highly recommends Tommy Boy. Gary is also a big fan of Wayne's World, because it's from the era of Saturday Night Live he watched. They recommend selected parts of Wayne's World 2. They joke about Kole enjoying Wayne's World 2's references to the Graduate, despite being a child at the time and the Graduate being from years before he was born. They discuss if it's the best thing Mike Meyers ever did, and definitely the best thing Dana Carvey ever did. They do not like The Master of Disguise for some reason. Kole assures us that Wayne's World holds up, and how Tia Carrere was a formative experience. Gary remarks that if only he could see Tia Carrere making out with Laura Dern on top of a triceratops playing an electric guitar.

They discuss whether this is the worst game they have done for the show, Kole states that it's the game he's made the least progress in. Wayne's World for NES is a standard action side-scroller. Gary tells a story about he and a friend acting out Garth's stungun scene from Wayne's World. Both hosts agree that Garth is a superior concept. They discuss the Double Indemnity-esque subplot from Wayne's World 2. Gary wishes there was 3 hours and 20 minutes more every day so he could watch dumb movies. Both hosts also like the Bill & Ted movies, and like Bogus Journey more than Excellent Adventure. They discuss Alex Winter, and Gary educates Kole on his current career as an indie filmmaker. Bill & Ted 3 is discussed, and if it could be made without George Carlin. Gary thinks it could be made with Carlos Mencia as "El Rufo". Gary says a bunch of racist things that Kole doesn't edit out.

Kole finally starts talking about the game. They talk about licensed games in general, and the Wayne's World touches in the game. They praise the voice clips and cutscenes for at least being impressive on the NES. They discuss the cutscene between level thumbs up and level thumbs up on top of another thumbs up, during which Kole reads some lines in his "Garth's Dad" voice. The game is an unplayable platformer that attempts to be self-referential. Kole tells a story of dying from fall damage in Everquest in an absurd manner. They continue to expound on the terrible aspects of the game. Gary says bitch, which he says he's trying to say less. Gary says that Wayne moves like a titanite demon if it walked upright. You power up by collecting a "P", Kole responds by asking if you collect pee in a Howard Hughes way. Gary says some ways how a game like Super Mario Brothers has good level design and Wayne's World does not. Kole refers to the Music Factory level in Wayne's World as a C & C Music Factory. This game only gets worse, to which Kole states "Dan Savage lied". They discuss the uninspired enemies in the game. Gary and Kole reiterate that this is a terrible game. Kole talks about the planned SNES-CD Wayne's World adventure game being worked on by Argonaut. Gary Recommends the Errant Signal video on Youtube about licensed games, and they talk about the Ghostbusters game and the Batman "Arkham" series.

They dance around talking about their panel at the Portland Retro Game Expo. They conclude by saying they love Wayne's World but Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey have been making bad decisions, and this game is bad. Kole reads some topics on the GameFAQs message board, including Bush quotes and a guy who wants to use it to set up a CODBLOPS clan. There is only one review that is 4/10. Most other bad games have defenders, but not this one. They discuss Angry Video Game Nerd copycats. Gary states that this is the kind of thing that led to THQ's downfall. Kole recommends the Red Faction games, in particular Guerrilla.

They admonish Blaine for recommending this game, then take the Wayne's World line "if you're gonna spew, spew into this!" and come up with lines for a terrifying pornographic parody.


Gary: Keep watching the stars.
Kole: Why are you doing this?
Gary: Why are you doing this to us? Good night and good luck,
Both: Praise the Sun.

Other bad games referenced

Jurassic Park
Pac-Man 2

Inside Jokes

Kole is Unstuck in Time - Gary jokes about Kole loving the Graduate as a child, Kole follows by joking that he listened to Glen Miller on his walkman.
Kole's Childhood - Kole talks about his love of the Wayne's World movie as a child.
Gary's Childhood - Gary also tells some anecdotes about his childhood love of Wayne's World.
Dark Souls - Gary states that Wayne moves like a titanite demon from Dark Souls. They Praise the Sun
GameFAQs - A review and some board posts are read.

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