What's A Tuzzle?

The Level Episode 124 (10/23/2015)

Hosted by Kole Ross, Jala Prendes, Dennis Furia and Ben Merkel

Intro Anecdotes


The Brief ()

Kole ():

Dennis ():

Jala ():

Ben ():

Multiplayer ()

What's the best/worst puzzle in a non-puzzle game?
Suggested by Jala Prendes


The Grind ()

Jala (): King of Dragon Pass; Dark Souls; Cainsville Files
Jala begins with co-op mentions:

Dennis (): Twisted Metal (2013)

Ben (): Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kole (): The Steam Controller

Credits ()


Potential Titles ()

Titles for this show are based on commentary made organically during each episode. The following is the list of options selected by the hosts. The winner for this episode was "What's a Tuzzle?."

Potential Title Timestamp Host Won
Baby's First DanganRonpa 1 Kole
What's a Tuzzle? 2 K X
They Shat the Bed of Chaos 4 K
Rob Zombesque 1 K
Joyfully Metal 1 K
Equal Opportunity Asses 1 K
That Meatloaf Ain't All Sawdust 2 B


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