WOFFTRAX was a quarterly show looking back on all the sketches done for Watch Out for Fireballs, hosted by Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross. The first episode was released as a free sample on the Duckfeed Presents show, while the other episodes were exclusive to Patreon backers at the $5 tier. They were on the Duckfeed Store, but when the Patreon changed they released all the episodes on the Duckfeed Premium feed. WOFFTRAX was replaced by DuckTRAX

List of WOFFTRAX Episodes

Name Release Date
WOFFTRAX 1: Mega Man X to Metroid Fusion -
WOFFTRAX 2: Duck Tales to Sword of Mana February 1st, 2016
WOFFTRAX 3: Earthbound to Yoshi's Island April 1st, 2016
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